One Bundle Of Our Hair Extensions For A FULL Install

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YES Huni it's TRUE! Our Bigger Better Bundles are a game changer.

Just one of our 4.5 Ounce bundles from our Organic Beauty Collection will COMPLETE a flawless natural look. That is ultimate value you can’t find ANYWHERE else!

One Bundle Install | HBW Extensions

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We guarantee our organic bundles will last up to 5 years with proper care. That is quality you can trust.
  2. Why buy 3 to 5 bundles when you can buy 1 or 2? One of our 4.5 ounce bundles is a half of a bundle MORE than the industry standard 3 ounce bundles.
  3. Organic hair get better after each wash. It keeps its natural sheen and gets softer and more manageable when it is wash and conditioned 
  4. Quality matters and we think you are worth it!


4.5 Ounce Bundle Guide:

For the hair lover that likes a more natural look we recommend using only one of Bigger Better Bundles from lengths 10 Inches to 16 Inches.

For lengths 18 inches to 20 inches using just two 4.5 ounce bundles will achieve a full sew in.
*Pssss we’ve even seen customers use only two 22 inches bundles.  

22 inches to 28 inches will require Three bundles.

Regardless of the length your sure to experience the best free flowing luxury extensions on the market, whether you choose to purchase our 4.5oz bundles or our 3.0oz Organic Human Hair Bundles.

Once you go organic you won’t go back!

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